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• Constructing a GTIN from a UPC-A

All of our DVD information is indexed by GTIN, which is a superset of both the EAN and UPC-A numbering systems.

To construct a valid GTIN from a UPC-A code (like on the back of most North American DVDs), simply prepend 00. Likewise to construct a valid GTIN from an EAN code, simply prepend a single 0.
It's that easy.

For example:

The UPC-A code for the "Long Kiss Goodnight" is 794043444623. It's GTIN code would be 00794043444623.

• Your first query - by GTIN

So, now that we can make a GTIN, let's put it to work.

A proper DiscIdent-API GTIN query (version 1) looks like this:

The response will look something like this:

{ "studio": "New Line", "title": "Long Kiss Goodnight", "discs": { "3DF28C7A-3EB4-41F2-7CD8-27B691EF984D": {"confirmed": true, "tag": "1A"} }, "productionYear": "1996", "genre": "Action\/Adventure", "gtin": "00794043444623" }

This stuff is JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation. It's simpler and more compact than XML, and prebuilt parsers for your favorite language aren't hard to find.

By and large, the keys and values returned are pretty self-explanatory. The most notable exception is probably the "discs" dictionary. I mean, all those funny hex digits... what's all that about?

• Fingerprinting

They are calculated "fingerprints" for each of the discs (or disc sides) that belong to this GTIN. For most movies there will be only one, but for a boxed set or dual-sided discs, there will be more. So why are these important?

You see, in their infinite wisdom, the folks that designed the DVD format neglected to allocate a few bytes for the physical product code, be it the UPC-A, EAN or GTIN digits of the barcode on the product. This makes it pretty hard to look up any information about the DVD without hassling someone to type in a code, or use a barcode scanner.

Anyway, a disc fingerprint can be easily calculated using the information on the disc, giving us a unique string of digits and letters. Since all copies of a given DVD release are the same, their fingerprints will be the same. We can use the fingerprint we calculate to lookup all of the information that isn't on the disc... like the proper title, the actors and actresses, cover art -- you know, all the good stuff.

• Your second query - by DiscIdent Fingerprint

It's pretty easy to construct a DiscIdent-API fingerprint query (version 1). Using the fingerprint from the example above, the query would look like this:

If we executed that query, we'd see that it returns the exact same information as if we'd queried using the DVD's GTIN.

In other words, + Fingerprint = GTIN = Data.

Neat, huh?

• How do I generate a fingerprint?

Disc fingerprints are easy to calculate... We have sample code prepared in a few languages: Objective-C, with Python, C#, Ruby and others on the way. Got questions? Cool. Talk to us at